The TPS92662 chip is a "High-Brightness LED Matrix Manager" for LED headlights. It allows the control and monitoring of LED strings in car headlights.

The configuration is done via UART, which is transmitted via CAN transceiver and thus less sensitive to interference. The UART signals are routed through the chip, which allows cascading of up to 32 chips. The individual chips can be addressed individually via device IDs or as a broadcast and configured per chip via 139 registers.

We have developed a monitor for the TPS92662 that can simultaneously log and configure UART lanes. The monitor consists of a hardware adapter and a CANoe integration.

Our services

Conceptual design and development of the entire tester and its CANoe integration.

Used technologies

  • Multilayer PCB
  • USB-to-UART bridge from FTDI
  • CAN-Physical
  • Lattice FPGA
  • VHDL software language
  • CAPL software language
  • C# software language
  • CANoe-Customized-Panel-Controls

Used tools

  • Eagle - Layout system
  • Lattice iCEcube2 - VHDL synthesis, place and route tool for the FPGA
  • GHDL - VHDL simulator
  • CANoe - testing tool from Vector Informatic
  • Doxygen - software documentation system
  • Varicad - mCAD