FLASH file system

Most microcontrollers have internal flash memory for storing the program and user data. However, flash memories have limitations on the number of writes per memory cell and thus a shortened lifetime.

To increase the lifetime of an often-written microcontroller memory, we implemented a flash file system that distributes writes across the memory area of the flash memory. This minimizes write accesses to the same memory cell.

Our services

Conceptual design and development of the FLASH file system for several Microcontroller systems.

Used technologies

  • STM32 - microcontroller
  • PIC24 - microcontroller
  • C/C++ language
  • PIC24-Assembler
  • PC based Testbench

Used tools

  • CubeIDE from ST - C/C++ development IDE for the STM32
  • Microchip DsPIC
  • KDevelop - C/C++ development IDE
  • GCC compiler
  • Doxygen - source code documentation system