Fidex is an integrated assembler development environment (IDE) for soft-core processors.

It enables the development of assembly code with features that are otherwise available for high-level languages only. Especially larger programs benefit from these features and can be developed much faster.

Some of the most prominent features are:

  • Projectmanagement
  • Assembler templates
  • Source navigator
  • Support of Strings with character sets
  • Support of Memory pages for processors that doen't support them natively also
  • Initialising of any Memories within the FPGA including visualisation
  • Simulator/Debugger including visualisation of named registers and port adresses and access to pre initialized memories
  • Online help including processor manuals
  • Support via Message-Viewer with direct links to the online help
  • Execution of external programs after assembling or at the push of a button
  • Importfilter for existing sources

Supported processors are: