Project references

Sometimes projects are some of the things we are not allowed to talk about.

In the following, we present a representative selection of some projects that we can present without revealing know-how of our customers.

i.MX8 carrier board

For a customer product we have developed a carrier board for an i.MX8-SoM and extends it using an FPGA. It further contains three motor controller.

Video controller

For a video controller we developed the FPGA design and the Linux based operating system.

Stepper motor electronic with SPS extension

For a customer product we have developed a stepper motor controller PCB with external angle sensor PCB and SPS extension PCB

PWM signal conditioning for HIL

For an automotive HIL system we have developed a multichannel "PWM signal conditioning" with a CanOE configuration frontend.

BLDC motor control - using TMC4671

For a positioning system we have developed a motor controller using the TMC4671 chip from Trinamic.


The TPS92662 chip is a "High-Brightness LED Matrix Manager" for LED headlights. We have developed a monitor for the TPS92662 that can simultaneously log and configure UART lanes.

Headlight-ECU tester

We have developed an ECU tester for various LED headlight ECUs. It can record and evaluate the data stream between the ECU and the headlight and transmit it to a HIL.


For LED control of an LED display panel controller, we implemented a spread spectrum PWM.

MPEG2 manipulator

We have developed an MPEG 2 manipulator for cable TV distribution systems.

PCI measurement card

A PCI card was developed for the evaluation of FPGA-based signal processing algorithms in combination with varying analog-to-digital converters as well as copper-based data transmission methods over distances of up to 200m.

Assembler IDE for Softcore processors

We have developed an assembler IDE for the following softcore processors: