Assembler IDE for Softcore processors

Softcore processors are processors that run in an FPGA. They are not implemented as hardware, but are only "wired" using the FPGA logic. Thus they are seamlessly integrated into the rest of the FPGA design.

We have developed an assembler IDE for the following softcore processors:

  • Xilinx PicoBlaze™ series and clones.
  • Lattice Mico8™ series

The Xilinx PicoBlaze processors are often used as constant coded programmable state machines. So for critical applications, they are classified as hardware with the broader FPGA design rather than software.

The footprint of a PicoBlaze comprises only a few tens of cells, making it relatively immune to cosmic radiation. This is an advantage in certifications.

The IDE may be downloaded from FIDEx pages.

Our services

Conceptual design and development of the complete IDE.

Used technologies

  • Qt4
  • Qt5
  • Qt6
  • C++
  • Perl
  • TCL
  • HTML
  • Assembler
  • Xilinx PicoBlaze
  • Lattice Mico8

Used tools

  • KDevelop
  • GCC compiler for Linux und Windows
  • GDB
  • MS VisualStudio
  • CMake
  • Doxygen