PCI prototype


For the evaluation of FPGA based signal processing algorithms using special analog digital converter a PCI card was developed.

The PCI card works in an TQ5200B evaluation board from TQ-Components running an Embedded Linux.


PCI/PCIe ♦ Multilayer PCB ♦ Xilinx Spartan 3A DSP ♦ RS232 ♦ RS422 ♦ Ethernet-Phy ♦ RS422 ♦ Embedded Linux ♦ VHDL


Xilinx ISE ♦ Modelsim ♦ Embedded Linux ♦ GCC compiler

Our contributed services

System designFPGA designSoftware developmentHardware development

Scope of work

  • System design
  • Hardware
    • Schematic and Layout
    • Controlling of hardware manufacturing and assembling
    • Setup hardware
  • FPGA design
    • Connection of the FPGA design to the PCI bus using a Xilinx PCI ipCore
    • Capturing of digital measurement signals from extension cards
    • Connection of additional FPGAs using low-level ethernet (100 MBit/s, 100 m)
    • Connection of additional FPGAs using RS422 (16 MBit/s, 100m)
    • Verificatin via simulation based module testing
  • Embedded Linux
    • Setting up the DENX Embedded Linux toolkit chain
    • Development of a Linux driver for FPGA Register access and DMA transfers from and to the FPGA
  • Linux console applicationSoftware
    • Software architecture design
    • Development of a Linux console application for FPGA configuration
    • Verification
  • System test