FPGA for faseroptical temperature measurement system


For a temperature measuring device which measures temperature using reflected photons on a glass fiber over long distances an FPGA was developed.


Xilinx Artix 7 ♦ VHDL ♦ C ♦ Linux ♦ DDR3-Memory ♦ PCIe ♦ AXI ♦ Xilinx evaluation board AC701


Xilinx Vivado ♦ Xilinx Vivado Simulator ♦ GHDL ♦ GCC compiler

Our contributed services

System designFPGA designSoftwaredevelopment

Scope of work

  • Familiarization with the requirements
  • Planning and implementation of the FPGA design
    • Laser control
    • Akkumulation of photons with noise suppression of ADC noise and memory adressing noise
    • Complex signal processing
    • Laser safety
    • Band switch control
    • Multiple DACs and ADCs
    • Connection of two DDR3 memories using the Xilinx MIG
    • Connection of the FPGA via Xilinx-PCIe-ipCore to an iMX6 Processor
    • Using own AXI-Master and AXI-Lite-Cores to interface the Xilinx-PCIe-ipCore
    • Simulation
  • Startup of the FPGA design using an eval board AC701 and a Linux-System
  • Development of an rudimentary Linux driver for Startup