ECU tester for automotive


Conceptioning and development of multiple automotive ECU testers, ECU simulators and ECU data generators with HIL connection.


Xilinx Zynq-SoC ♦ C/C++ ♦ VHDL ♦ Embedded Linux ♦ LVDS ♦ Ethernet ♦ TCP/UDP/IP ♦ CAN ♦ RS232 ♦ Multilayer PCB ♦ Qt4/5


Xilinx Vivado ♦ Xilinx SDK (Eclipse) ♦ GHDL ♦ Yocto ♦ Embedded Linux ♦ Kdevelop ♦ Eagle ♦ LTSpice

Our contributed services

System designFPGA and SoC design ♦ Software developmentHardware development

Scope of work

  • Marketing research
  • Project management across multiple companies
  • System design
  • FPGA design
    • Development of an AXI master for DMA transfers to the SoC memory
    • Development of an AXI lite to local bus bridge
    • Development of  ADC interfaces
    • Development of an UDP prepacker to relieve the SoC processing system
    • Implementing of CAR specific interfaces
    • Signal processing
    • Verification via simulation based module testing
  • Embedded Linux
    • Setup of an Embedded Linux using Yocto
    • Development of a Linux FPGA kernel driver
    • Develpment of an user space application for configuration and data streaming via ethernet UDP/IP
  • Development of a Qt based PC application for configuration and streaming data visualisation
  • System test
  • Documentation
  • Customer support