FPGA for Automotive HIL


For the main control unit of an automotive HIL we developed an FPGA design.


Xilinx Zynq-SoC ♦ AXI ♦ VHDL ♦ C ♦ RS232 ♦ SPI ♦ I2C ♦ CAN ♦ Embedded Linux


Xilinx Vivado ♦ GHDL ♦ GCC compiler

Scope of work

  • System design
  • Hardware concept design
  • FPGA design
    • Implementing a central signal processing pipe
    • Connection of the central signal processing pipe using AXI to the processing system of the Zynq
    • Connection of external probes using RS232
    • Simulation
  • Coaching customer developer writing a Linux driver