Softcore processor assembler IDE


Softcore processors are processors running in an FPGA. They are not implemented as hardware but defined in an HDL language, bound as ipCore or included as HDL language file into the design. So they are seamless integrated into the further FPGA design.

We developed an assembler IDE for the following softcore processors

  • Xilinx PicoBlaze™ series
  • Lattice Mico8™ series

The Xilinx PicoBlaze processors are often used as constant coded programmable state machine. So for critical applications they are classified as hardware with the further FPGA design and not as software. This is an advantage regarding certifications.


Qt4 ♦ Qt5 ♦ C++ ♦ Perl ♦ TCL ♦ HTML ♦ Assembler ♦ Xilinx PicoBlaze ♦ Lattice Mico8


KDevelop ♦ GCC compiler for Linux and Windows ♦ GDB

Our contributed services

System designSoftware development

Scope of work

  • Marketing research
  • Familarization with Qt4 and Qt5 framework
  • Software development
    • GUI concept
    • Software architecture design
    • Implementation (> 100000 code lines)
    • Writing of an online help
  • Testing
  • Support