Remote in-circuit flashing solutions

The Fautronix GmbH is engaged in the development of flash solutions for flashing of heterogeneous systems in the field for many years and has made it to one of its core competencies.

Thereby a modular system was growing-up, which allows to flash almost any heterogeneous system.

System components

This system consists of the following components:

Script for XML A shell script for generation of XML files from configuration and firmware binary files
Console application

This console application is provided as sources. It may run under Linux / Embedded Linux or Windows and is portable to other posix conform systems.

The application has to be extended with the customers communication pathes by deriving a customer Class from a given transceiver class and implementing the customers methods for sending and receiving data. For communication with the provided FPGA cores or Microcontroller classes the transparent transfer of messages needs to be implemented.

The console application includes

  • parsing of an argument given XML file,
  • setting up a system components list from file or system scan
  • verifying the system components list against firmware files list from XML file
  • flashing of all system components with a new firmware from XML file in parallel using posix threading
  • verifying of all flashed system components against the firmware from XML file
FPGA cores Handles the interpretation from console application messages and executes received commands. It further implements the communication with the flash device.
Microcontroller libraries Handles the interpretation from console application messages and writes received data to flash memory.

Supported flash devices for FPGAs

The following list contains some of the supported devices. For further devices please contact us.

Interfaces Description
SPI All SPI flash devices
QSPI All QSPI flash devices, including Winbond chips (needs special settings for Quad in config register)
Standard NOR flash interface All flash devices with a standard nor interface
XSVF Xilinx XCF/XCP Platform Flash devices and all other flash devices which can be flashed using an XSVF player.

Example of an in-circuit flash solution for a heterogeneous system