In addition to its development as a service, Fautronix GmbH is also active in the development of its own products.

Testing solutions

We have developed varoius test solutions for quality, reliability testing and compliance testing. For customer-specific developments, we can rely on previous developed components.


Remote in-circuit flashing solutions

The Fautronix GmbH is engaged in the development of flash solutions for flashing of heterogeneous systems in the field for many years and has made it to one of its core competencies.

Thereby a modular system was growing-up, which allows to flash almost any heterogeneous system.


Motor control for BLDC motors

Commutation solutions for BLDC motors require an exact positioning of the winding field relative to the rotor position. Even the slightest deviations lead to loss of torque and reduce the efficiency of the motor.

In order to get a maximum of efficiency, torque and low running noise, we have developed a motor control based on the principle of sine commutation.


FIDEx, an assembler IDE for softcore processors

Fidex is an integrated assembler development environment (IDE) for soft-core processors.