Fautronix company profile

The Fautronix GmbH is an engineering company spezialized to FPGA design as well as elektronic and software development.

To know why you are successful on what you can count on, is part of the basic equipment of a young company.

By 2012 the engineer Christoph Fauck continued a distinctive starting point with the establishment of its engineering company. Through the consistent emphasis on challenging development projects of hardware and software, the next step was already two years later: from theindividual company was the Fautronix GmbH.

Ten years of experience in different companies and areas of expertise have shaped the expertise for consulting, planning and project management. Complex projects will especially profit from this interdisciplinary and wide-ranging knowledge.

Developing software includes hard facts, so even with the programmable logic. What they need to get things up and running, the practice has taught us: excellence come about only where knowledge, quality and intuition have entered into an inseparable networking.

Well, if we can get to know you and your project soon.