Test bench technology

Our solutions

Over time we have developed various test solutions for quality assurance and reporting. For customer-specific developments, we can rely on its components.

In addition to conventional PXI / PXIe-based systems, the use of SoC modules has proven its worth.

System-on-chip (SoC) are powerful teams of processors and FPGA, which are coupled as separate chips for several gigabit high speed connections housed in a common chip package. So SoCs offer very high flexibility and performance associated with relatively low system and development costs.

If it is possible to implement real-time critical requirements in the FPGA part of the SoC, a small SoC module in small portable housing certainly can replace an expensive, stationary high speed PXIe system.

The built-in SoC processors are often used only for the configuration, the monitoring of the tester or the transmission of the measurement data over Ethernet (IoT, Internet of Things) or USB to a HIL or in a database for example.

Your advantage

Due to our expertise in SoC, you benefit greatly with us as a partner or supplier.

Only a few points that speak for us:

  • Risk minimization based on our expertise
  • Cost-effective solutions due to our already pre-developed components
  • Shorter time-to-market
  • Discharge of your own resources

An example

The illustration below shows the concept of a portable tester b ased on a SoC module. Modules to individually develop for you may be:

  • the measurement frontend
  • parts of the FPGA
  • parts of the Linux application
  • parts of the PC application