Reference projects in the area of test solutions

For various companies and products we have developed testing systems. Below we have described some selected projects from the automotive sector for you closer.


For a fast connection between a control unit (ECU) and a vehicle component, we have developed a tester based on the Xilinx Zynq-SoC running an Embedded Linux.

The tester monitors the data between the ECU and the vehicle component and analyses them in real time. The analysed data are transmitted cyclically via an Ethernet network to a connected HIL system (Hardware in the loop) from Proof-Tech. The configuration of the tester is also be set by the HIL via Ethernet.

In addition to pure data logging and data analysis the tester can trigger to predetermined data pattern. The trigger event is emitted on dedicated trigger outputs and transmitted in parallel via Ethernet to the HIL system.

Beyond, the tester can emulate the vehicle component to the ECU and can drive response channel in dependence to the data. For system diagnostics the tester can generate predetermined pattern data in place of the ECU to feed the test system.


For a fast and complex connection between two control units (ECU) and a vehicle component, we have planned and recognized pro rata a tester as subcontractor.

The system is based on a PXIe system from National Instruments. Besides some PXI components for CAN communication and the issue of static voltage output the system is  equipped with Xilinx Virtex5-FPGA based Flex-RIO components for fast real-time signal processing.

Key performance data

The key performance data of the system are:

  • Total data volume of 250 MB / s with real-time processing in the nanosecond range
  • Measuring and manipulating a fast, LVDS based digital connection between the ECU and the vehicle component
  • Generating the LVDS based digital signal and emulation of the corresponding ECU
  • Measurement of 34 PWM superimposed current and voltage channels. Measuring current, voltage, PWM frequency and PWM Dutc-Cycle
  • Measurement of 17 current and voltage channels. Measurement of current and voltage
  • Sensing and stimulating of 10 temperature measurement channels
  • Interruption of 33 connections between the ECUs and vehicle component
  • the total amount of data of about 250 Mb / s will be held for up to 5 seconds in a scope mode and stored in a trigger event corresponding to an adjustable post-trigger time for further use
  • Control and monitoring of the tester via CANoe. CANoe can run either on the tester or a separate control computer
  • the recorded measurement data are stored in a format for directly use in diadem from National Instruments for further analyzing and presentation
  • of all digital and analog measurement channels minimum, maximum and average values are continuously calculated and transmitted to CANoe via CAN
  • all measurements and calculations from measured data is performed in real time in the nanosecond range
  • the system is portable and is operable in the vehicle

Our efforts

As subcontractor we were entrusted with the following proportions in the planning and realization of the project:

  • Overall system design, creating the realization concept
  • Technical project management
  • Implementation of all FPGA designs
  • Care of the additional electronics development ("connector box" and "Signal conditioning module") and the further software development
  • Performing startup/commissioning with the end customer
  • Support of the system at the customer