In-Circuit Flash programming

Our solutions

The Fautronix GmbH is engaged in the development of flash solutions for flashing of heterogeneous systems in the field for many years and has made it to one of its core competencies.

Thereby a modular system was growing-up, which allows to flash almost any heterogeneous system.

It does not matter what is flashed if

  • the PROM of an FPGA
  • the FLASH of a microcontroller,
  • the FLASH of an embedded Linux system or
  • a single SPI, I2C or OneWire PROM with configuration data.

It is only important that at all components of a system to flash are accessible from a central PC or Embedded PC - if necessary through a retrofitting of additional components from us.

The individual modules of the modular system can be easily integrated in the custom design. What's missing in the modular system may be supplemented with relatively little effort.

The firmware bitstreams to be flashed can be pleasantly managed via a PC-based Flash Manager GUI and packaged as a bundle for flashing a system.

Your advantage

Our Flasher kit brings for you in addition to many other advantages:

  • Risk minimization based on our skills and already solved challenges
  • Cost-effective and optimal solutions due to the already pre-developed components
  • Shorter time-to-market
  • Discharge of your own resources

Example of an in-circuit flash solution for a heterogeneous system