Embedded software

The chapter "Embedded Software" is very versatile. It ranges from the direct (bare metal) programming of processors and microcontrollers up to powerful operating systems running on embedded systems.

Mikrocontroller software

There are currently almost no electronic product without at least one microcontroller on board. We can access to extensive experience in this field and have been successfully realized projects using the following microcontrollers:


  • Cortex A9 (Xilinx Zynq-SoC, Altera CycloneV-SoC)
  • RX-Family (Renesas)
  • Arm Cortex M0, M3, M4 (STM32)
  • MSP430 (ST)
  • PicoBlaze (Xilinx soft-core)

Some time ago:

  • PIC24H (Microchip)
  • Arm7 (ST)
  • 80C51(Philips)

Embedded operating systems

On more powerful processors with MMU, we focus on the Linux operating system. More than 17 years of Linux experience on the desktop, the server and embedded systems have left their traces. By safely master this profession we could already lead many projects to success.