Contract development - we speak FPGA

Expertise for challenging tasks

The Fautronix GmbH represents interdisciplinary expertise in the fields of programmable logic (FPGA, SoC and CPLD), software and electronics development.

Long experience and consistently developing at the border of feasibility have shaped these skills especially in the area of FPGA design. A network of strong partners completes our portfolio of competences and provides additional safety.

Our expertise, our experience and a flexible customer responsiveness guarantee our clients an optimum course of the project.

Our reference list includes small to large companies from different industries.

Your advantage

We have already implemented a number of challenging projects and are able to conceptualize the best solutions for you and implement it.

Some of your benefits include:

  • Complementing of your expertise (risk minimization)
  • Optimal and cost-effective solutions based on our developmental history
  • Shorter time-to-market
  • Discharge of own resources